ELE RCD and ELM RCD cores
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The main differences between Type A leakage protector and AC type leakage protector are as follows: AC type leakage protector can only effect on AC leakage but not for pulsating DC leakage while the A type leakage protector can effect on both AC leakage and pulsating DC leakage. In addition, AC type protector can only detect leakage situation of a standard sine wave of the grid, it is suitable for using in some areas with better conditions; but in some areas where the grid condition is not good enough, we use the AC sine wave mixed into some odd wave. A type leakage protector can detect hybrid waves, particularly in the use of DC harmonic spaces, but AC type leakage protector saturate easily and no output performance.Thus, A type leakage protector is more comprehensive protection against leakage than AC type.